Cell Regeneration & Functional Health Testing

NES Health Detective Voice Scan + Report


NES Health Detective Voice Scan + Zoom + Report


Revolutionise your well-being with the NES Health Energy Scan, a cutting-edge bioenergetics technology designed to unlock your body’s innate energy and pinpoint the root causes of your symptoms. This non-invasive scan utilises the power of your voice to provide profound insights into your physical, mental, and emotional health. treatment.Bio

Full MOT for Mind Body Soul

Experience immediate changes like clarity, calmness, and improved energy flow in just 2 hours! This holistic treatment opens the doorway to quantum healing, supporting the reconnect and rebalance of your mind and body, and enhancing your natural flow of energy, supporting you physically, mentally, emotionally, and energetically.  

It includes: 

NES Health Bio-Resonance Voice Scan

Massage & Bodywork

miHealth Energy Rebalancing Treatment

Somatic Mind-Body Release & Rebalance

**If you cannot find an appointment time that suits your schedule, please contact us, and we will do our best to arrange an alternative time and day that works for you.** A tailored integrative treatment combining powerful therapies to bring a sense of release, rebalance, and re-energising after just one session, supporting you physically, mentally, emotionally, and energetically


Test Kits


Bringing the expertise of diagnostic laboratory gut testing and home health assessments right to your doorstep. Dive into the realm of personalised well-being, and remove the guesswork, where we empower you to unravel the mysteries behind your symptoms and chronic health concerns. Our cutting-edge NES Health Scans, combined with user-friendly home testing options, offer a proactive approach to understanding your body’s unique needs. Take control of your health journey from the comfort of your home, as we guide you towards a deeper understanding of your well-being and provide insights that pave the way for a healthier, more vibrant life., mental, and emotional health. treatment.

4 Week Personally Prescribed Programme


Unlock the secrets behind your health challenges and enhance your vitality, digestion, sleep, and happiness. Our programme offers a tailored journey to natural balance, guiding you every step of the way.

What’s Included:

NES Health Energy Voice Scan + Consultation + Full Report: Discover nutritional deficiencies, hormonal imbalances, and more with this revolutionary bio-energetic system.

3 x 75-minute Treatments: Enjoy miHealth Frequency Bio-Informational Treatments, Talk Therapy, Massage, Fascia Release, and Natural Stress & Tension Release.

1 x Set of 6 Infoceuticals: Personalised liquid supplements to rebalance energy fields.

1 x Personalised Meditation Download: Daily guided meditation tailored to your needs.

Enhance Your Journey (Add-ons):

Metabolic type diet tests

DNA Testing

Full gut analysis testing

Fast turnaround blood tests

If you’re tired of conflicting advice and ready for a supportive programme addressing your physical, mental, emotional, and energetic needs, this transformative programme is for you. Embrace a life of wellness today.

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