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The Creator

At Heal Oxford Wellbeing, our expertise and whole-person centred health approach allows us to truly understand you and meet you where you are.

We are proud to have a multi-disciplinary Tribe of experts with diverse experience, and who are united by passion, value and connection.


Tamara is a part of the heart and soul of Heal Oxford Wellbeing, dedicated to personalised health and transformation. She’s driven by a profound purpose to help you understand your symptoms and shed labels, and is and although training in multi-disciplinary areas of natural health, she specialises in frequency alignment, nutrition, breathwork and somatic release therapy.

Tamara’s journey began through her own experiences of enduring debilitating pain after a severe car accident, leading to multiple surgeries and metal implants in her body.

This personal struggle ignited her passion for research in various fields like autoimmunity, cellular health, epigenetics, bio-energy, gut health, nutrition & herbal medicine, and emotional healing to heal trauma.

Her approach delves deep into addressing symptoms, unlocking suppressed emotions, rewiring thought patterns, and cultivating a healthy environment for your body, mind, and home.

This ongoing journey of transformation fuels her presence at Heal Oxford Wellbeing, where she offers a remarkable array of ground-breaking tools, fuelled by her boundless passion and inspiration.

Tamara embodies a wellspring of energy, wisdom, and knowledge.

Tamara’s mission is to connect with individuals of all ages, adults, and children alike, guiding them from within and emphasising that each person is their own greatest source of healing.

“Rooted healing is the essence. It entails moving from the mind into the body, often leading to life-altering transformations as we surrender to what has been holding us back, even if it isn’t entirely our own doing.”

Today has the potential to be the most extraordinary day of your life.

Time spent at Heal Oxford Wellbeing represents an opportunity to explore a community of wellness and self-discovery. 

Regain control of your story. Choose how would you like to be living your life?


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