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In a world where holistic wellbeing is becoming increasingly essential, Heal Oxford Wellbeing has finally opened its doors in 2023 as an Integrative Healing Centre, offering a diverse range of services for both adults and children.

Located just 10 minutes from the heart of Oxford, this centre aims to foster a sense of community and provide individuals with the tools they need to lead healthier, more balanced lives.

Heal Oxford Wellbeing is not just another wellness centre; it is a sanctuary dedicated to nurturing the mind, body, and soul.

The centre offers a wide range of services, including wellbeing classes, breathwork and somatic healing, nutritional guidance, massage therapy, sound healing, bio-informational voice scans, frequency alignment, energy medicine, ayurvedic practices, psychological services, emotion art, and comprehensive wellbeing classes & courses.

These offerings are carefully curated to cater to the diverse needs of individuals seeking to enhance their mental, emotional, and physical health, stay on track and navigate every aspect of your total health and wellbeing to bring lasting change and live the best version of your life.

It is the only integrated therapy and healing centre in Oxfordshire that offers a comprehensive approach to healing under one roof, that is supported by a carefully selected tribe of practitioners that supports you to get to the root and heal from the inside of out, for both adults, children & young persons.

There is a small natural health shop and herbal tea café on site for clients and visitors, with the intention of being completely plastic free. “Our products are carefully sourced from around the world and support both mind, body and home environment.”

“We believe that true wellness is a daily practice that encompasses every aspect of our lives,” said Tamara, Founder and Manifesting Generator of Heal Oxford Wellbeing. “Our goal is to create a nurturing space where individuals can explore different paths to healing, gain insights into their own wellbeing, and ultimately, embrace their best selves.”

Heal Oxford Wellbeing invites you to explore the starts of their comprehensive offerings, and meet the team of experienced practitioners who will guide you on your wellness journey.

The centre’s vision goes beyond offering services; it’s about cultivating a community of magic where individuals can connect, learn, and grow together.

Whether you are seeking to address specific health concerns, manage stress, improve your emotional wellbeing, or simply learn how to live a more vibrant life, Heal Oxford Wellbeing is your partner on this transformative journey.

Our Story

Our Mission

Utterly devoted to providing a safe space and warm welcome, Heal Oxford Wellbeing is a centre for transformational wellbeing committed to supporting your physical, mental and emotional health. We are dedicated to getting to the root of your symptoms by removing the guesswork, using an innovative science-led approach. We are revolutionary and comprehensive in our therapies and products, and offer a natural, personalised approach that sets us apart in the market. Heal Oxford Wellbeing provides a nurturing space for individuals to explore holistic healing modalities, empowering you to transform your health, and supports your healing from the inside out, to achieve overall wellness, reminding you that you are you own greatest healer.  

About Us

Heal Oxford Wellbeing is attracting a Tribe of experts, who are full of passion, knowledge and wisdom for a naturally holistic and modern approach to breathing, feeling, & living, and who make it a part of their lifestyle.

We want our clients to feel gloriously well, energised and return to a natural state of harmony. says Tamara. 

Through their work the Tribe support you to reconnect with yourself, and in doing so, give you agency over your life, as you rediscover a way to live with less pain, anxiety, and free yourself from obstacles that have held you back before Today.

“We have opened a transformational centre to support long lasting change. We want to empower and re-educate people to truly understand their total health and wellbeing through their bodies, and be their own healer.  By unlearning some of what we “know”, removing the guesswork, and getting to root, we can heal from the inside out with lasting change.”

With modern life leading, an astonishing number of people finding themselves on autopilot, our goal is to empower people to discover a more conscious way of living that honours their health as a priority.

We want our clients to feel gloriously well, energised and in balance – excited about their lives. Heal Oxford Wellbeing is a place of deep healing; the one space with the ability to approach health and wellbeing in a truly accurate and holistic way, and foster connection in every sense.  We are holistic, tailored and person-centred, using natural healing therapies.

The launch of Heal Oxford Wellbeing represents an exciting opportunity to create change. Ours is a centre capable of transforming lives profoundly, and enabling people to feel empowered and resilient to life’s challenges. Whether arriving to us experiencing chronic symptoms or looking to cultivate their wellbeing, we do deep and vital work, and make it important to meet our clients where they are, gently showing them the importance of listening to their body.

Time spent at Heal Oxford Wellbeing represents an opportunity to explore your narrative of your life, and regain control of your story. How would you like your next chapter to read?

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