2 Hour Intention Setting: A Workshop for Crafting Your Path in 2024


Intention-Setting Workshop: Manifest Your 2024 Vision

Embark on a transformative journey with Silvia as she guides you through a grounding experience, leading you for a profound intention-setting session. This unique workshop empowers you to create an A3 paper collage using cutouts or rip-outs from magazines, serving as a visual board to manifest your aspirations for the year ahead with guidance.

What’s Included:

Guided grounding and intention-setting session with Silvia
Crafting an A3 paper collage for your 2024 vision
Access to magazines, some scissors, and Pritt sticks provided by Silvia

Gain clarity and focus for the year ahead
Create a tangible reminder of your goals
Manifest your aspirations through a creative process
Foster a sense of purpose and direction
Connect with like minded individuals
Foster a sense of connection

Bring a pair of scissors, paper glue stick, and some magazines
Wear warm comfy clothes, as you may wish to create the collage on the floor that offers space to spread your wings and get creative
Bring a bottle of water to stay hydrated and a herbal tea will be available

Join us for this empowering workshop to set your intentions and embark on a journey of self-discovery and manifestation.

Instructor / Therapist Bio

Silvia Siret is a trauma-informed Systemic Life Coach 6, has been holding space for individuals and groups since 2000. Originally from Germany, her birth country, she has been delivering this transformative work in Oxfordshire, England, since 2005. Silvia perceives herself as a shapeshifter, dedicated to assisting those prepared for positive change. Her services extend internationally through online platforms and in-person engagements, embracing opportunities to facilitate group sessions whenever she is invited.
She is a passionate woman, who loves the water, and is drawn to helping support individuals free themselves from past experiences holding them back from living their full potential.

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