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Brain, Body, Birth: Master the 3 pathways to a comfortable, calm, confident birth workshop


Carefully crafted to take the mindfulness pregnancy relaxation to another level, this workshop will enable discussions on the importance of the mind. How you can effectively understand the neocortex, and the limbic system to enable a parasympathetic response to increase your oxytocin – your shy but happy hormone that is vital to a comfortable birth.

The second pathway you will master, is how the body can effectively and efficiently progress through labour, by understanding how the muscles of the uterus work together and not against each other, resulting in the third pathway – an efficient and comfortable birth.

NB: you will be invited to practice the techniques you learn at the workshop – as this will make such a positive difference to your experience of the birth of your baby will be worth it!


  • Increased confidence
  • Reduce trauma as your baby births – resulting in better sleep, feeding, development for your baby
  • Reduced fears of childbirth
  • Supporting a calm, efficient birth

End your class with light refreshment, chat with others attending, take a stroll through the meadow and the wonders of the courtyard, or simply be still, and relax.

** Birth partners are welcome, price is per person; recommendation from 12 weeks of pregnancy.

Instructor / Therapist Bio

Emma has studied and untangled the number of complex and sometimes confusing decisions that are made throughout pregnancy and at the birth, as well as how vital the role of the birth partner is.

Through her hypnobirthing qualification, which is accredited to the Royal College of Midwives, counselling qualifications and having taught many couples of professions including paramedics, children’s nurse, teachers, fire-fighter, investors, engineers and many more – Emma has carefully crafted the birthing concept – BBB – Brain – Body – Birth, and understands the mind through her hypnotherapist and psychodynamic qualifications to enable a calm, comfortable, efficient birth.

Emma’s concept enables you and your birth partner to discover the science and logic of hypnobirthing together with a full antenatal understanding, providing practical tools that will inspire you to create positive outcomes towards the most empowering birth-day that you, your birth-partner and your baby will experience.

Join Emma on either her Ultimate Pregnancy Relaxation discovery or her BBB Workshop – or both!

“Whatever you decide, don’t let it be because you don’t think you have a choice.”
— Hannah Harrington

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