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Discover the Power of Your Breath

Helping you, us & the world to breathe better, one breath at a time!

This discovery workshop is an introduction to conscious diaphragmatic breathing and the powerful impact it can have on our health and wellbeing. The main method focuses’ on Breatheology, which is based on the ancient yogic practice of Pranayama (in Sanskrit this word translates as “breath control”). 

By managing and adapting our breath we can change our physiology, behaviour and responses to certain situations that we experience throughout our life. When we intentionally practice these simple methods, we have the ability to strengthen our nervous system, regulate our emotions and regain balance in our day to day life, as well as re-creating a sense of safety in our own mind and body.

This method is a smooth, slow and steady approach to learning effective breathing that can be taken with you to use anytime, anywhere, anyplace.  

Anyone of any age can benefit from how to breathe more effectively, all you need is patience, an open mind and kindness to yourself. This workshop is open to ages 11+ to adult.

Those seeking some inner serenity, rest and safety/comfort from this busy world and who may be in need of giving themselves permission to slow and soothe. Those who experience any form of stress, anxiety, panic, low mood, grief, emotional dysregulation, overwhelm, burnout and sleep difficulties will benefit greatly by tuning into their breath.

What does the Workshop Include?

The workshop will comprise of exercises to awaken, expand & create better movement through the ribcage area and increase thoracic mobility. Time will be spent focusing on relaxation and mindfulness before we practice a selection of pranayama breathing techniques, this may also include basic breath holding and will end with a guided meditation. Each workshop will provide new toolkits to take home with you and may include a variety of:

Specially Developed Breathing Exercises: Explore a range of breathing techniques, including breath holds, carefully crafted to support your physical, mental, and emotional health.

Visualisation Techniques: Harness the power of your mind through visualisation exercises.

Meditation Techniques: Integrate meditation practices for a holistic experience.

Relaxation Techniques: Learn techniques to induce relaxation and manage stress.

Mindfulness Training: Cultivate mindfulness through breath awareness.

Flow State Awareness: Attain a state of flow where time ceases to exist, and you are fully present.

Yoga Asanas and Pranayama: Incorporate yoga postures and breath control for holistic health.

Brain State Training: Explore techniques to influence and manage different brain states.

Anatomy and Physiology: Understand the physiological aspects of breath and its impact on the body.

Neurology: Explore the connection between breath, the nervous system, and brain function.

Exercise Science: Learn about the relationship between breath, respiratory system, exercise, and overall well-being.


Build a Powerful Immune System: Practices in Breatheology contribute to the enhancement of immune function.

Eliminate Inflammation Naturally: Relaxation techniques help reduce inflammation naturally.

Rapid Recovery: The power of breath aids in rapid recovery from injuries, illness, and exertion.

Strengthen the Respiratory System: Enhance respiratory muscles for improved oxygen intake and reduced respiratory issues.

Better Sleep: Develop better sleep habits through improved breathing and relaxation.

Heal Your Body: Utilise breath and visualisation exercises to support the body’s natural healing processes.

Transform Stress to Resilience: Learn to transform chronic stress into resilience through mindful breathing and increase your CO2 tolerance. Gain mental clarity and focus through the breath to strengthen willpower

Join this Breatheology Workshop and unlock the potential of your breath for a healthier, more resilient, and focused life.

Please wear comfortable clothing and bring with you a yoga mat if you have one, a bottle of water, a blanket, a cushion for your head and anything else that helps you to feel comfortable in both a seated & and laying down position.

What next? The discovery workshop will offer a brief taste of some aspects taken from the 4-part course.  If after the discovery workshop you are drawn to learning more then I would love to connect and breathe with you in the 4-part course which will comprise of 4 separate 1 hour sessions (dates coming soon).

**(Please note that it is not a transformational or holotropic breathwork practice)

** Under 16’s must be accompanied by an adult

Instructor / Therapist Bio

Rachel brings a wealth of experience to Heal Oxford as a registered and practicing mental health nurse with nearly a decade of dedicated service within the NHS. In addition to her nursing expertise, she holds qualifications in massage with ITEC and CIBTAC and became an accredited Dr. Hauschka aesthetician specialising in organic and bio dynamically farmed skin care treatments.

Rachels commitment to holistic wellbeing extends to her most recent training in Breatheology, emphasising the profound impact of the breath and our innate healing abilities and wisdom in restoring natural balance within.

“I read somewhere once that our breath is our most ancient friend”. This phrase has remained with her for many years. She discovered the power of her own breath during her teenage years and has been using her breath to successfully manage both her emotional and physiological state ever since. It’s an essential tool she uses daily and most certainly has become her most ancient friend.

Rachel looks forward to tuning into the breath with you and helping you discover the same.

In her spare time Rachel finds joy in wild swimming, walking her little dog Indiana Bones and continuing her quest to find secluded beaches and coves around the world. She enjoys eating and laughing with her family, especially her husband and 2 teenage boys. Rachel is a huge fan of the slow movement and values this mindset and way of living with intent. Her holistic approach and diverse skill set make her a valuable member of our team, dedicated to supporting your wellbeing journey.

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