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Divine Mantra Meditation Class


“Sound is one of the most profound tools for healing. Divine Mantra Meditation harnesses the power of sound to start you on a journey of deep and transformative healing, nourishment and soul power”.

Divine Mantra Meditation is one of the oldest known Vibrational Medicines on the planet. Research has confirmed that sounds effect the frequencies inside and outside of us.

​The science of Mantra is based on thousands of years of collective practice by those seeking to connect to deeper states of awareness.

​The sound combinations and teachings we use in Divine Mantra Meditation come from a variety of ancient wisdom traditions.

What does it include?

Mantra Meditation uses the meditative repetition of natural sounds using our own voice and creates a vibrational medicine. We use a combination of sounds and teachings that come from a variety of ancient wisdom traditions.

Learn to ride the waves of nature; however it manifests in your life, instead of being overcome by it.

Through a combination of sounds and silence, Mantra sounding creates Cosmic energy, when we are able to create cosmic energy we can Invite the Soul into our heart.

When we approach Mantras with awareness it becomes a powerful means to bring the mind, body and soul back to its natural balance.


  •  Realigns your nervous system,
  •  Restores optimal sleep patterns,
  •  Releases anxiety and depression
  •  Stills and transcends the mind
  •  Slows cell aging,
  •  Brings us to deeper states of awareness
  •  Naturally develops our spiritual gifts and knowing
  •  Strengthens your cosmic energy

Start your journey of deep healing and transformation today!

Restore your life to peace, purpose and prosperity.

Everybody welcome!

Instructor / Therapist Bio

Elizabeth has dedicated her life to the study of spiritual sciences and mystical practices, tuning her connection to Self, others and Nature.
Under the guidance of her Spiritual Teachers across many continents, she has learnt to follow her heart and hone her craft. She honours and respects the Sacred art of Healing that has crossed her path in various ways, forms and experiences; divinely guided and full of the richness and diversity of life.
Elizabeth loves to help people map their human and soul journey to find the inner resources and gifts that are already there. Working together, to discover the tools, guidance and inspiration needed for this part of the journey.
The sacred art of Vibrational Medicine used in Divine Mantra Meditation classes as well as one to one Life and Divine Mentorship Sessions forms the basis of her offerings.

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