60 Minute Personalised Functional Health Testing Consultation


Stop the guesswork and gain precise insights into your symptoms with our revolutionary functional health testing. We employ cutting-edge technology to provide you with comprehensive support.

What’s Included?

Harness the power of your voice to identify blockages and distortions in your body’s master control system, affecting the flow of energy and information. Our revolutionary NES Health software allows you to listen to your body’s messages. A quick and efficient 10-second voice scan analysis provides accurate results, covering physical, mental, and emotional health. This analysis reveals nutritional and environmental priorities, from dietary recommendations to vitamin and mineral absorption, pH levels, metabolism, and even environmental factors like EMF, insecticides, pesticides, heavy metals, and molds.

From the scan results, we can precisely determine which functional tests are most suitable for you and recommend any necessary supplementation. This approach ensures that your time, energy, and finances are invested wisely, leading to lasting health benefits. You’ll receive a comprehensive report in your inbox with recommendations for independent or further supported action.

Additional Functional Testing and Supplementation at Extra Cost.


Our voice scan analysis delves into the root causes of symptoms, providing support for issues such as:

  1. Abdominal pain
  2. Bloating and gas
  3. Diarrhea or constipation
  4. Abnormal bowel movements
  5. Unexplained weight loss
  6. Intestinal cramps
  7. Nausea and vomiting
  8. Food sensitivities
  9. Acid reflux and heartburn
  10. Chronic fatigue
  11. Skin issues like eczema, psoriasis, and acne
  12. Anxiety and depression
  13. Nutritional deficiencies
  14. Menstrual abnormalities
  15. Hormone imbalances
  16. Emotional stress
  17. Skin disorders …and more.

Additional Tests Available:

  • Ultimate Gut Health Analysis Test
  • MycoTOX Profile Test (Mold)
  • Parasites, Worms & Microsporidia Panel Test
  • Flore (Sun Genomics)
  • Gut Health Analysis + Personalized Pre & Probiotics
  • Thriva Total Wellness Health Tests
  • Guidance for Most Beneficial Blood Tests through Thriva, Personalized to Your Needs
  • Self-Code DNA
  • DNA Sequencing Testing
  • Other tests like Hormones, Leaky Gut, SIBO, Food Sensitivities are also available.

Experience the power of precision functional health testing and gain valuable insights to enhance your well-being.

Links to Further Tests:

Ultimate Gut Health Analysis Test

MycoTOX Profile Test (Mould)

Parasites, Worms & Microsporidia Panel Test

Gut Health Analysis + Personalised Pre & Probiotics

Guidance for most beneficial blood tests through Thriva personalised to your needs

DNA Sequencing Testing

Instructor / Therapist Bio

Tamara is the heart and soul of Heal Oxford Wellbeing, bringing a rich tapestry of knowledge and experience to our community. Her extensive studies include Anatomy & Physiology with McTimoney Chiropractic College, ITEC Massage Diploma, advanced musculoskeletal studies with ABC Europe, Somatic Experiencing with TREUK, and Bioenergetics with NES Health.

Adding to her holistic repertoire, Tamara holds qualifications as a Functional Health Nutritionist, MBIR Mindset Inner Repatterning practitioner, a Diploma in Counselling & Life Coaching, plus certifications in Indian Head Massage, Reflexology, Baby Massage, Fitness Instruction (including Zumba for both adults & children), and Shamanic training. She continues to “do the work” daily, and receives Growth Guidance from a well known Spiritual Leader in USA.

Tamara is not just a practitioner; she is a Health Detective who guides you on your journey to personalised health and transformation. Motivated by a profound purpose, she strives to help you understand your symptoms, shed labels, and embrace holistic well-being. While her training spans various natural health disciplines, her specialties lie in helping bring the body’s systems back into balance through somatic experiencing, honest communication, cell rejuvenation, biodynamic nutrition, bodywork and emotional freedom.

Her personal journey, marked by debilitating pain from a serious car accident and subsequent surgeries, fuels her passion for research into autoimmunity, cellular health, epigenetics, biohacking, gut health & testing, nutrition & natural medicine, and emotional wellbeing.

Tamara’s approach goes beyond symptom management; she delves deep into unlocking unprocessed emotions, reprogramming the mind and body, and fostering a healthy environment for your overall well-being. This commitment to transformation is reflected in the innovative tool-kits she not only employs in her own progressive journey but also shares with the Heal Oxford Wellbeing community of both adults and children. Fuelled by boundless passion and inspiration, Tamara is dedicated to self-mastery, integrating it into her daily lifestyle. She meets you where you are and supports your transformative journey from the core, ensuring that healing is a holistic and empowering experience.

Outside of Heal Oxford, Tamara practises conscious parenting to Charlie, born 2012, and loves to cook, read, explore in nature and dance – whenever possible!

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