60 Minute Ayurvedic Pinda Sweda Bolus Bag Massage


Ayurveda is a natural medical system that originated in India roughly 3,000 years ago.

All ancient cultures used the earth’s sacred grains and legumes not only to cleanse, nourish and enhance the physical prowess of the body but also to tone the skin. In Pinda Sweda, a pinda (bolus/ball) is made from grains, herbs and spices and firm massage is applied over the whole or specific part of the body. This helps to awaken cellular memory through intense stimulation.

This delightful body treatment is helpful for detoxifying and beautifying the skin. It enhances circulation and draws fresh energy to the surface of the skin. Pinda Sweda is given after the Whole Body or Part Abhyanga (massage).

It is excellent in treating Vata and Kapha disorders, since both these doshas are cold in nature. This Sweda is very effective for rehabilitation therapy.

This remarkable rejuvenating treatment uses natural ingredients such as Sesame Oil, Chickpea Flour, Ginger, Adjowan Seeds, Turmeric Powder and Fenugreek Powder.

It is ideal for people who do a lot of sport as well as people prone to aches, pains and arthritis. The herbs work to nourish & strengthen the bodies systems.

What does it include?

A heated bolus bag that is filled with healing herbs then soaked in warm oil and used on the body with an Ayurvedic technique known as pummelling.


Good for weak joints, sore muscles and those that like a stronger massage, providing a deep sense of relaxation.

**The higher price includes 2 Bolus that you can take home, keep it in the fridge and bring back for up to 2 further treatments within 6 months. The lower price is the follow-up treatment.

If you are unable to find a day or time to suit, Miranda may be available to book you in on other days to enquire please get in touch.

Instructor / Therapist Bio

Miranda is a qualified massage therapist specialising in Ayurvedic massage and Amnanda Therapy. A health scare led Miranda to discover a world of treatments that promote health rather than sickness.

During this time an ayurvedic consultation with a doctor visiting from India had a lasting impression on Miranda which led her to train in Ayurvedic Massage with Sunita Passi.

Miranda went on to train with Ayurvedic practitioners Laura and Andrew Shakeshaft in Amnanda Therapy; an Ayurvedic ‘rasayana’ or rejuvenating therapy that triggers a deep process of revitalization working at the physical, emotional and spiritual level. Amnanda means “the path to joy” and this is at the heart of all Amnanda treatments and the spirit of Ayurveda.

Over the last 20 years Miranda has organised events on health and natural beauty, worked to achieve organic certification for an artisan skincare brand and run her own natural beauty and nail salon. Miranda’s holistic approach extends to her whole family and she uses acupuncture, homeopathy and radionics to support the health of her animals at home. In 2022 Miranda went on to train in Amnanda Therapy for horses and dogs. A finalist in the tpot Shine Your Light Awards Inspirational Therapist Category 2022. Miranda meditates daily to enhance her energy system that helps to ensure she gives you a fabulous treatment.

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