Tell the Truth, Love More and Live Out Loud – 4 Week Course


Welcome to our transformative 4-week course: “Tell the Truth, Love More, and Live Out Loud.” If you desire more peace, joy, and intimacy in relationship with both yourself and others, then this course is tailored just for you!

What is it?

In the hustle of daily life, we have all learned to navigate by wearing masks, concealing our true selves behind a façade of ‘everything is okay.’ This disconnect from our authentic selves leads to suffering. “Tell the Truth, Love More, and Live Out Loud” is a guided journey to break free from this conditioned behaviour that may be causing you pain, shame, blame, fear, sadness and madness, and replace with experiences that bring gladness.

1. Feel it: Become aware of how you actually feel right now.

2. Want it: Find peace and contentment where you are. Want what you have and stay present. 

3. Shift it: Get out of your head, into your body and activate your five senses.

4. Release it: What can you control? Let go of what you can’t.

5. Align it: Find your true desires. How do you want to feel?

6. Energise it: Become aware of your energy, spend it, save it and generate it, physically, mentally and emotionally.

  • Learn how to express the important things that you are withholding with honesty, vulnerability and connection
  • Experience change at body level, learning how to be authentic with your feelings
  • Work through your own feelings, moving through them to discharge and clear them healthily
  • Learn new toolkits for life!


A human being can only be aware of three things:

  1. Things happening in the immediate environment RIGHT NOW.
  2. Feelings and sensations inside the body RIGHT NOW.
  3. Thoughts and images in the mind RIGHT NOW

There are three things a person can notice:

The body (INSIDE) | The environment (OUTSIDE) | The Mind (UPSIDE DOWN).

The majority of us are STUCK in The Mind and have lost touch with what is happening inside our skin and right in front of us, instead giving all of our attention to thoughts, beliefs and fantasy – thus losing touch with experience.

This course is an opportunity to practice honesty in a safe environment before embracing your newfound authenticity in your daily life.

It is also possible to repeat this course as many times as you like – a new experience each and every time!

“Interrupt your mind when your mind is interrupting you”

What does the course include?

1. 4 x weekly 90 minute sessions – meeting in a small group, we will practise sharing, noticing, listening, learning, getting over, the power of forgiveness, and inspire to empower one another in real connection.

2. Let the truth be unveiled: Be led through a series of exercises where telling the truth becomes more natural than pretending. Break free from the limitations of the mind through honest expression.

  • “I notice…, and I imagine…”
  • “Sometimes I pretend I…”
  • “Should’s and shouldn’ts…
  • Breath (Awareness, Sensations, Calm)
  • Resentments & Appreciations
  • Forgiveness & Clearing

3. Mindful Communication: Learn to notice and interrupt your thinking minds by truthfully expressing what you feel, observe, and imagine. Develop descriptive and honest communication skills to foster genuine connections.

4. Relationship Transformation: Communicate openly with others, expressing resentments and appreciations, leading to completion, full body forgiveness, and renewal. Discover the power of speaking about what’s happening in your body and mind.

5. Embracing Discomfort: Develop the ability to relax and enjoy discomfort around others by honestly acknowledging your experiences. Stay present, experience new reactions, and cultivate more freedom, connection, and love.

6. Moment-to-Moment Connection: Practice communicating moment to moment, sharing what you see, hear, feel, and imagine. Use new ways of expressing responsibility, focusing on “I” rather than “You”.

7. Meditation and Inspiration: Ground your experience through meditation. Inspire and empower each other to be courageous, compassionate, and truthful. Recognise that honesty itself is a form of meditation in the presence of others.

“By starting to observe, notice and report, your life will transform all around you”

What are the benefits?

Discover the liberating power of honesty. As you embrace authenticity, you’ll find that honesty acts like a positive virus, spreading through your life and relationships. Love expands its territory, families are renewed, communities form, and new beginnings unfold. Telling the truth might be challenging, but the freedom it brings is greater.

**Receive course worksheets that support you both during the course and as a reference tool-kit after.

“Allow things to occur instead of making things happen, create self satisfaction and fulfilment and you will become a much easier person to live with and be around”.

Join us on this transformative journey, where lying less, loving more, and living out loud become the keys to a more fulfilling and authentic life. Let’s create a community of magic together!

“You are 100% responsible for creating your own happiness”

“I do my thing and you do your thing.

I am not in this world to live up to your expectations,

And you are not in this world to live up to mine.

You are you and I am I; If by chance we find each other, it’s beautiful.

If not, it can’t be helped.”

Instructor / Therapist Bio

Tamara is the heart and soul of Heal Oxford Wellbeing, bringing a rich tapestry of knowledge and experience to our community. Her extensive studies include Anatomy & Physiology with McTimoney Chiropractic College, ITEC Massage Diploma, advanced musculoskeletal studies with ABC Europe, Somatic Experiencing with TREUK, and Bioenergetics with NES Health.

Adding to her holistic repertoire, Tamara holds qualifications as a Functional Health Nutritionist, MBIR Mindset Inner Repatterning practitioner, a Diploma in Counselling & Life Coaching, plus certifications in Indian Head Massage, Reflexology, Baby Massage, Fitness Instruction (including Zumba for both adults & children), and Shamanic training. She continues to “do the work” daily, and receives Growth Guidance from a well known Spiritual Leader in USA.

Tamara is not just a practitioner; she is a Health Detective who guides you on your journey to personalised health and transformation. Motivated by a profound purpose, she strives to help you understand your symptoms, shed labels, and embrace holistic well-being. While her training spans various natural health disciplines, her specialties lie in helping bring the body’s systems back into balance through somatic experiencing, honest communication, cell rejuvenation, biodynamic nutrition, bodywork and emotional freedom.

Her personal journey, marked by debilitating pain from a serious car accident and subsequent surgeries, fuels her passion for research into autoimmunity, cellular health, epigenetics, biohacking, gut health & testing, nutrition & natural medicine, and emotional wellbeing.

Tamara’s approach goes beyond symptom management; she delves deep into unlocking unprocessed emotions, reprogramming the mind and body, and fostering a healthy environment for your overall well-being. This commitment to transformation is reflected in the innovative tool-kits she not only employs in her own progressive journey but also shares with the Heal Oxford Wellbeing community of both adults and children. Fuelled by boundless passion and inspiration, Tamara is dedicated to self-mastery, integrating it into her daily lifestyle. She meets you where you are and supports your transformative journey from the core, ensuring that healing is a holistic and empowering experience.

Outside of Heal Oxford, Tamara practises conscious parenting to Charlie, born 2012, and loves to cook, read, explore in nature and dance – whenever possible!

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