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Zero Balancing, a gentle yet powerful system of touch, was developed by Fritz Frederick Smith, MD, a doctor of osteopathy and medicine. His extensive study of Western scientific models and Eastern principles of energy and healing afforded him a unique insight into the relationship between energy, qi (also known as “chi”) as a force in the body, and structural anatomy.

Dr Smith’s desire to integrate both principles into a single therapeutic system culminated with his developing Zero Balancing in 1975. A recent study into the effects of Zero Balancing shows that it is a highly effective means for reducing stress, anxiety and tension.

The simple average for measured stress reduction during a 30 minute Zero Balancing session was 61%, versus an average of 12% for clients during a rest period. Not only did the study evidence this significant reduction in stress, it also showed clients settling into a synchrony – or an equilibrium with themselves at a “point of zero balance” during their Zero Balancing session. The sharpest fall in stress was associated with the first contact at the beginning of the session. Questionnaire results showed that after every ZB session participants rated themselves more positively.

What does “Zeebee” or Zero Balancing include?

• Skilled Touch: Trained practitioners use gentle, non-invasive touch and stretches to address physical and energetic tension.

• Body-Mind Connection: Zero Balancing recognises the link between physical structure and mental well-being, fostering a sense of balance in both.

• Assessment: Each session begins with an assessment to pinpoint areas of tension and imbalance.

• Mindful Presence: Practitioners and clients engage in mindful presence, creating a therapeutic and safe environment.

• Energy Flow: The therapy optimises energy flow through the body's structure, enhancing vitality.


• Stress Reduction: Relieves stress and promotes relaxation. • Improved Posture: Enhances posture and reduces discomfort.

• Emotional Well-Being: Reduces anxiety and fosters calmness.

• Energy Flow: Optimizes energy flow and vitality.

• Mind-Body Connection: Holistic approach to health.

• Better Sleep: Improves sleep quality.

• Regular Sessions: Recommended for long-term well-being.

• Pain Relief: Alleviates aches and discomfort.

• Transitions Support: Helps adapt to life changes.

• Returning to Presence: Restores awareness of the present moment.

• Creative Insights: Aids problem-solving and creativity.

• Reparative Touch: Supports trauma recovery.

Experience the profound benefits of Zero Balancing, a therapy that aligns your body and mind, promoting holistic well-being and a deeper connection with yourself.

Instructor / Therapist Bio

In 1982, Mark delved into the world of T’ai Chi Chuan, discovering the transformative power of these meditative and strengthening movements. These ancient practices became an integral part of his life, sparking his curiosity about the realm of Qi and Chinese Medicine. Six years later, in 1988, Mark received his Licentiate in Traditional Acupuncture from the prestigious College of 5 Element Acupuncture Leamington Spa, founded by Prof. Worsley. This marked a significant milestone in his journey into the realm of healing.

Mark’s thirst for knowledge led him to further his studies in Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM), culminating in a role as a lecturer on The London College of Traditional Acupuncture & Oriental Medicine’s degree program, where he coordinated two of the acupuncture modules.

Since 1987 Mark has been part of the T’ai Chi Foundation’s teaching team, imparting the art of T’ai Chi Chuan.

In 2002, Mark had the privilege of collaborating with his friend and colleague, Joop Brouwer, serving as a T’ai Chi advisor on the film Calendar Girls. In more years he featured with Tess Lugos on Channel Four’s Sunday breakfast programme.

After over thirty years teaching with the London School he founded a new branch of the school – Thames T’ai Chi & Qigong located in Cholsey, near Wallingford, Oxfordshire, bringing these transformative practices to a broader community.

Medical Qigong, Tuina and Zero Balancing make valuable contributions to the healing modalities available for the benefit of clients in his practice.

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