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About Us:

Heal Oxford Wellbeing is a sanctuary dedicated to nurturing the mind, body, and soul, offering a diverse range of services for both adults and children. Located just 10 minutes from the heart of Oxford, our integrative healing centre fosters a sense of community and provides individuals with the tools they need to lead healthier, more balanced lives.

Our Story:

Heal Oxford Wellbeing was born from a passion for holistic healing and a personal journey of transformation. Founder Tamara, a Health Detective, leads a Tribe of experts under one roof, supporting all ages and businesses through evidence-based and revolutionary approaches, facilitating holistic healing. Inspired by her own experiences after a serious car accident, that left her with debilitating symptoms, Tamara’s journey led her to create a space that provides comprehensive support for total health and wellbeing – something that wasn’t available to her when she seeked it most. 

Through research, training, and the development  powerful toolkits for self-mastery, Heal Oxford Wellbeing offers transformative healing and integrative therapies, grounded in sound healing, somatic experiencing, mind-body holistic therapies, and creative arts.

Our Mission:
Utterly devoted to providing a safe space and warm welcome, Heal Oxford Wellbeing is a centre for transformational wellbeing committed to supporting your physical, mental, and emotional health. Our mission is to empower you through evidence-based approaches that seamlessly integrate mind and body, guiding you to rediscover and realign with your inner self. By nurturing self-awareness and facilitating holistic healing, we help you return to your natural state of balance. Think well, live well, be well.

Be HEARD, Feel SAFE, and FULLY SUPPORTED as we journey by your side as growth guides and meet you where you are. Welcome to Heal Oxford Wellbeing

Tamara - Founder & Health Detective

Tamara is the driving force behind Heal Oxford Wellbeing, channelling over two decades of knowledge and experience into the heart of our centre. Her educational journey includes studies in Anatomy & Physiology + ITEC Massage at McTimoney Chiropractic College, as well as Advanced Bio-structural Correction with ABC Europe. She holds certifications in various modalities such as Somatic Experiencing RRD with TREUK, Conscious Connected Breathwork with BreathMasters, and Bioenergetics with NES Health.

In addition to her holistic background, Tamara is a qualified Functional Health Nutritionist, MBIR Mindset Inner Repatterning practitioner, and holds a Diploma in Counselling & Life Coaching. Her skill set extends to practices like Indian Head Massage, Fascia Release, Shamanic trainings, and Zumba Fitness Instruction.

Tamara’s role transcends that of a traditional practitioner; she operates as a Health Detective, collaboratively uncovering the root causes of imbalance in your mind-body matrix system and employing bio-hacking techniques for self-optimisation. Motivated by a profound sense of purpose, she guides you towards personalised health and transformation, specializing in restoring balance to the body and fostering emotional liberation.

Her personal journey, marked by a debilitating spinal injury resulting from a severe car accident, has fuelled her dedication to holistic healing and self-discovery. Despite facing multiple spinal operations, metal insertions, and bone grafts from her hip, Tamara has persevered, transforming her pain into purpose and guiding others on their paths to wellness.

This journey has ignited Tamara’s fascination with the connection between head-heart-gut, leading her to research topics such as autoimmunity, cell health, bioenergetics, epigenetics (environment, behaviour, genes), compassionate truth telling communication, emotional freedom, and gut health. Her approach goes beyond symptom management, delving deep into unlocking unprocessed emotions and reprogramming the mind-body connection for enduring transformation and self-inquiry.

With boundless energy and renewed passion, Tamara is committed to her own self-mastery, seamlessly integrating it into her daily life. She practices conscious living, limiting chemicals and toxicity, and prioritising organic, clean eating. As a devoted mum to her son Charlie, born in 2012, Tamara practises conscious parenting, and finds joy in cooking, bio-hacking, exploring nature, and dancing with an utter passion for music.

“I stand ready to support your transformative journey at Heal Oxford, assisting you in finding the perfect Tribe members to accompany you on your path with us. We are ready to remind you just how truly amazing you are”.


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