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Heal Oxford is a sanctuary for deeper healing, self-mastery, & rediscovering your authentic self. A revolutionary haven where science meets nature.

We provide an extensive range of treatments, classes, courses, & workshops, plus a natural wellness shop, stocking only the highest quality, tried & tested, clean products.

Our service offerings are for both adults, children, & young persons. We are small, tailored & fully support you under one roof in a safe & nurturing environment

Dedicated to supporting your physical, mental, emotional & spiritual health, our Tribe of experts are ready to help empower you to live a cleaner, happier & more naturally energised life.

Wellness Classes | Holistic Treatments | Sound Healing | Embodied Somatics | Regenerative Cell Health & Functional Testing | Expressive Art & Creative Therapy | Integrated Mind-Body Therapy | Luxury Pamper Experience | Corporate Packages Think Well, Live Well, Be Well."

Nestled in the serene surroundings of nature, Heal Oxford Wellbeing is situated just a mere 10-minute journey from the heart of Oxford City Centre, where you can explore the world of progressive healing, integrative therapies, & natural remedies. 

In a society awakening to holistic wellbeing, we empower you to listen to your body’s wisdom & embark on a journey of deeper healing. From managing “stress” to navigating environmental impacts, we help you to address the root causes of physical & emotional symptoms, offering ongoing support & rejuvenation.

Step into a space nurtured with love, offering a comprehensive range of services from massage to revolutionary health technology.

At Heal Oxford, we are more than a centre; we are a community, dedicated to guiding you towards holistic health with innovative, evidence-based approaches.

Join our tribe of specialists committed to guiding you back to your innate state of wellbeing.

Explore our offerings & embrace a life filled with more happiness, vitality, and tranquility, using “daily tune-ups” to keep you functioning optimally in this world

It’s Time to re-light your soul & re-connect with your authentic self,

Discover the magic of Heal Oxford Wellbeing today



Discover healing, freedom, and tranquility on your journey to self-discovery. Trust your body’s wisdom. Join us for self-mastery and community.

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