Womens Circle – Yoga | Breath | Sound | Meditation | Cards | Sharing


A women’s circle is a gathering of women from all ages, ethnicities, and backgrounds, welcomed with open arms to come together in a safe space to heal, rest, share, and support one another. It’s a powerful ancient ritual that reconnects us to the ways of our ancestors, where women would gather, bleed, and heal together as an essential part of the community.

What It Includes:

  • Welcome Ceremony & Workshop
  • Yoga & Breathwork
  • Guided Meditation & Sound Journey
  • Oracle Cards
  • Sharing Circle


  • Deepened inner connection to oneself
  • Understanding of the cyclical nature of the Moon
  • Enhanced connection to the body, womb, and cycle
  • Support and healing in a safe and nurturing environment
  • Connection with other women in a supportive community

At Heal Oxford, we believe in the power of community, connection, and self-discovery. Our women’s circle is a safe space where you can find support, healing, and a deeper connection to yourself and others. Join us on this journey of self-exploration and empowerment.

Instructor / Therapist Bio

Chloe is a traditional Yoga teacher. She specialises in the teachings of Hatha and Kundalini Yoga, life guidance &philosophy, guided meditation journeys, & self-reflection. She has been studying and practicing many different styles of Yoga for more than 12 years, where along the way she has integrated incredible tools to support her own healing and life journey. In 2019 she gained a 1 year certification in Alternative Medicine & in 2020 completed a 2-month intensive Yoga Teacher training program. Since then she has been working 1-1 with clients, running group classes, & hosting women’s circles and retreat workshops, all helping to guide others with their own unique holistic healing & self-discovery journey.

How We Heal

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