60 Minute Embody Flow Movement & Exercise Treatment 


Therapeutic Movement and Exercise, specifically Embody Flow, is designed to improve not only physical fitness but also mental and emotional wellbeing. This technique focuses on balance, coordination, strength, and flexibility while creating awareness of the body’s sensations. 

It can alleviate back pain and improve daily performance. For those suffering from back pain or other conditions causing discomfort, therapeutic movement can be a powerful tool for managing symptoms. Through targeted exercises aimed at building core stability and improving posture, you can experience significant relief. Beyond managing pain, this approach has been shown to enhance overall performance in daily activities as well as sports-specific movements. 

We use exercises designed to reduce pain and improve physical function, achieved by guiding you through specific movements that target areas of pain or weakness. Unlike typical exercise routines, therapeutic movement focuses on balance and alignment in addition to strength training. 

This treatment goes beyond traditional exercise by addressing specific issues such as chronic back pain or limited range of motion, using an individualised approach to help clients achieve their goals, whether that’s reducing pain or improving overall physical performance. It can enhance wellbeing by promoting proper alignment and balance while also providing stress relief benefits. 

What is included in the treatment? 

  • Breathing techniques are an essential part of Embody Flow as it synchronises the mind-body connection.
  • Mindfulness techniques focus on being present in the moment without judgment or distraction.
  • Movement techniques include low-impact exercises that stretch muscles whilst building strength at the same time. 


We incorporate elements from yoga, pilates, and other modalities, providing a comprehensive approach to support the reduction of chronic pain or discomfort. Through regular practice of the movements taught in this program, it is possible to experience improved joint mobility, reduced inflammation, increased strength, and flexibility as well as greater peace of mind. 

Instructor / Therapist Bio

With over 18 years of experience, Warren has dedicated himself to supporting individuals in overcoming health challenges and reaching their fitness goals.

He understands the struggles of being a busy adult with a demanding schedule, where prioritising health and fitness can feel like a daunting task amidst work, family life, and other commitments.
“Having personally experienced my fair share of injuries and health challenges, I empathise with the obstacles you may face.”

Through his journey, he has had the privilege of learning from some of the industry’s finest teachers. He is proud to hold certifications as a CHEK certified practitioner and Holistic Lifestyle Coach, as well as being an ISRM registered soft tissue massage therapist. CHEK practitioners are renowned worldwide for their expertise and knowledge, offering you the assurance that you are in capable hands.

Services include fully customised corrective and high-performance exercise coaching and program design, nutritional and lifestyle support. He can also offer therapeutic massage and acupuncture during treatments to address musculoskeletal injuries and facilitate healing.

How We Heal

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