60 Minute Sound Meditation for Kids & Teens (9-14 year olds)


Join Emily for an empowering workshop designed specifically for youth aged 9-14 years old, focusing on stress, anxiety reduction, relaxation techniques, and building self-confidence.

What to Expect:

The workshop will begin by finding a comfortable space to settle into, either seated or lying down, as Emily leads a brief meditation to help centre your mind and body. Following this, immerse yourself in a transformative sound journey guided by various instruments, including the gentle tones of Tibetan Singing Bowls, customised to meet the needs of participants in the room.

As the soothing vibrations penetrate deeply, Emily’s calming voice gently brings you back to awareness, concluding the session. Afterwards, enjoy the opportunity to share your thoughts and reflections while sipping on herbal tea, fostering integration and reflection.


Research shows that sound healing can rewire the brain, promoting overall well-being. Throughout history, music has been a powerful tool for uplifting mood and fostering holistic healing. Participants often experience increased energy, mental clarity, creativity, and improved relationships with themselves and others. Additionally, sound healing can help reduce stress, lower heart rate, alleviate pain and inflammation, and improve sleep quality and life balance.

What to Bring:

Wear comfortable, warm clothing to stay cosy during meditation.

• Bring a cushion or pillow for added comfort, along with a blanket for warmth.

• Feel free to bring extra props like yoga blocks, cushions, bolsters, or an eye pillow for personalised comfort.

• While yoga mats are available, you’re encouraged to bring your own for a touch of familiarity.

Embark on a journey of self-discovery and empowerment with Emily’s tailored workshop, where the healing power of sound awaits to nurture and revitalise your inner being.

NOTE: While a sound bath is suitable for most health conditions, it is not advised in the following situations;

Unsupported serious mental health conditions | Sound triggered epilepsy

In addition, please inform us if any of the following apply:

Pregnancy (2nd / 3rd trimester) | Pacemaker, shunt or DBS (Deep Brain Stimulation Device) | Metal implants | Recent surgery / fractured or broken bones | Tinnitus or sensitive hearing | Alcohol or drug dependency | Any severe illness or condition.

By booking I agree that I have read the above.

Instructor / Therapist Bio

Emily has been practising yoga for almost 10 years. Having explored several yoga styles, she trained in Centred Hatha Yoga in 2021. Through her yoga teacher training, Emily discovered a passion for chanting, finding that sound facilitated unexpected calm and release.

Consequently, she explored deeper sound practises, being drawn towards Tibetan bowl sound healing training in early 2022. A second course in late 2022, expanded the soundscape Emily creates during her sessions. More recently, she has been exploring Embodied Rest and Nidra, which are strongly influencing the themes within the practise

Offering a space where you can be held in rest, facilitating the release of tension, stress and anxiety, Emily’s nourishing practises replenish your energy and spirit, bringing balance into your mind, body and soul. The sound journey experience remains with you beyond the session, empowering you to step into your own radiant truth.

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