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Monthly Kirtan Workshop


Join Francesca as we chant and sing mantras together! No experience necessary! Singing is inherent within everyone who has the ability to make sound, and you don’t need to be a trained singer to give your full devotion! 

Kirtan is a call and response chanting practice born and raised by India’s bhakti traditions, with Bhakti referring to devotion and love, and many of the chants focused upon the devotion and love towards a deity or the divine. 

What is included?

Kirtan is a meditational and devotional chanting experience usually set to music. Traditionally, a Kirtan leader will sing through the chant, or a line in the chant, and then the participants/audience will sing the chant back to the leader. Chanting can help to express our devotion to something higher than ourselves to help open our heart. When we choose to open up our heart, we can live in peace and compassion with all. Kirtans are very old chants composed of mantras. So bring your voice, instruments and friends and lets chant together. 


  • Relieve stress and anxiety
  • A tangible feeling of connection and community.
  • Quieten a busy mind.

Instructor / Therapist Bio

Francesca is a passionate ADHD & Autism coach with two decades of experience in the field. Her journey has been dedicated to supporting teenagers and their families as they navigate the unique challenges of neurodiversity.

Francesca’s coaching philosophy is rooted in collaboration, co-creating practical strategies, and offering evidence-based psychoeducation tailored to each individual’s needs. She is a firm believer in trauma-informed and somatic coaching, helping individuals feel safe within their own bodies, particularly those who are neurodivergent. Her approach draws inspiration from experts like Stephen Porges, Bessel van der Kolk, attachment theory, and Dr. Dan Hughes’ PACE model.

Francesca’s client-centered approach prioritises trust and psychological safety. She’s committed to empowering individuals, never aiming to ‘fix’ but to co-create solutions that allow her clients to flourish and grow.

She is passionate about music, and loves to guide Kirtan’s, believing that music can truly open your heart centre.

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