Monthly Kirtan, Cacao & Meditation Workshop


Join Hridaya as we chant and sing mantras together! No experience necessary! Singing is inherent within everyone who has the ability to make sound, and you don’t need to be a trained singer to give your full devotion! 

Kirtan is a call and response chanting practice born and raised by India’s bhakti traditions, with Bhakti referring to devotion and love, and many of the chants focused upon the devotion and love towards a deity or the divine. 

What is included?

Kirtan is a meditational and devotional chanting experience usually set to music. Traditionally, a Kirtan leader will sing through the chant, or a line in the chant, and then the participants/audience will sing the chant back to the leader. Chanting can help to express our devotion to something higher than ourselves to help open our heart. When we choose to open up our heart, we can live in peace and compassion with all. Kirtans are very old chants composed of mantras. So bring your voice, instruments and friends and lets chant together. 


  • Relieve stress and anxiety
  • A tangible feeling of connection and community.
  • Quieten a busy mind.

Instructor / Therapist Bio

Over the last 13 years Dom has practiced Hatha, Iyengar, Kundalini, Anusara, Bhakti and Yin Yoga as well as spending many years studying in schools of Mayan Medicine, Tibetan Buddhism, Kabbalah, Amazonian Shamanism & Plant Medicine, Trauma Release Exercise, Emotional Freedom Technique, Reiki and most recently Trauma Informed Embodiment Practices.

Dom’s formal trainings include Sivananda Hatha Yoga, Yin Yoga and Trauma Informed Yoga which make up the basis of his weekly classes. He is a qualified Reiki Level 2 practitioner and Trauma Release Exercise Level 1.

Dom is currently studying further embodiment and trauma recovery practices with Dr Gabor Maté , Dr Peter Levine and Atira Tan as well as EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique) & Life Coaching.

Dom also holds Cacao Ceremonies, Kirtan (Devotional Chanting), healing circles and works 1-2-1 with clients for their empowerment and healing.

Each session with Dom is unique depending on the needs of the client and may include working with Cacao, Shamanic practices, breath work, vocalising, movement, journeying, visualisation and embodiment practices. These are all offered from a ground of deep compassion and understanding of our shared human experience.

Dom holds an embodied and trauma aware space in all the modalities that he works in allowing his clients to slow down, honour what is present and become conscious of their held patterns and beliefs.

When he is not working you will find him exploring ceremonies, out in nature, making music or in the kitchen.

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