1-1 Tailored Yoga Session


Have you heard that you should take up yoga?

Your friends love it, your physio recommends it, and you know it would help you sleep better, feel less anxious and assist you to become more flexible but you’ve never quite dared enter into a yoga studio.

Or perhaps you’re not new to yoga but you want to have a 1:1 session to check your alignment and ask any of those niggly questions that you’re always wondering in the middle of class.

Or, like many individuals, you want the flexibility of choosing a time that suits your schedule and the benefit of having a class exclusively designed to your needs.

Miranda has taught 1:1 (and group) yoga for 20 years and whatever it is that you feel you need support Miranda would love to create a tailored yoga class for you so that you leave feeling that you received exactly what you needed from the session.

What does it include?

Every class is different as it is designed specifically for you on that day. The first 10-15 minutes of our hour is about understanding how you are so that the session can be tailored in a way that fully supports you and your current needs. You can expect a combination of movement, breathwork and relaxation exercises.


• Increases flexibility

• Aids better posture

• Releases stress

• Reduces worry and anxiety

• Helps you to be centred, grounded and balanced

• Reduces food cravings

• Helps you to gain a new perspective on a worry or trouble

• Re-energises and re-charges you

If you would like a day other than Thursday, Miranda may be able to accommodate this for you. Please get in touch

Instructor / Therapist Bio

Miranda has worked 1:1 with clients for the last 20 years, originally as a private yoga teacher and now as a holistic health and positive psychology coach. Miranda is passionate about helping women transform their relationship with food, and ultimately with themselves as the way we eat is a direct reflection of how we feel about ourselves.

Miranda has experienced her own journey with food from a “self imposed prison” where she would restrict, calorie count and binge eat to what she describes now as “Food Freedom.” Miranda is open, kind and you will never feel judged by her, as she has likely been where you are.

Miranda offers a holistic perspective combining her spiritual background in yoga with foundational nutrition knowledge and positive psychology interventions.

Miranda offers 1:1 nutrition coaching and yoga at Heal.

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