4 Week Release Recover Discover (TREUK®) Course


Unlock Your Healing Potential with Release Recover Discover (Oxfordshire Partner of TREUK®)

Are you ready to embark on a journey of profound healing and self-discovery?

On the Release Recover Discover 4 module course, learn to Thoughtfully Activate the Psoas to Release tension from your Core accumulated from past stress, overwhelm and trauma. 

There are extensive clinical trials underway to verify the effectiveness of “Tremors through the Psoas”, though anecdotal evidence suggests many people find it does achieve significant improvements. This includes people experiencing PTSD and chronic illnesses connected to muscle health, such as Arthritis and Fibromyalgia.

In our 4 week course we will help you to build confidence and trust in your ability to:

RELEASE physical, mental and emotional symptoms from past Stress and Trauma.

RECOVER from the root cause/s.

DISCOVER who you are without holding onto the past. Embrace a new freedom and better health that brings hope, relief, energy, greater Resilience and more. The programme is empowering and you will gain with us a Life Tool and a Tool for Life. 

Our Release Recover Discover (TREUK®) program is designed to help you achieve a state of well-being and relaxation by tapping into your body’s natural tremor response to discharge tension from the core.

What is Release Recover Discover?

Release Recover Discover is a revolutionary technique that empowers you to release and repattern stress and trauma. Once you learn it, you can continue practicing for just an hour a week, making it incredibly accessible and transformative. In a world struggling with a mental health crisis, RRD offers a simple yet impactful solution. By focusing on the Psoas muscle, it brings immediate and life-changing results, with a profound impact on every level of your being. A series of easy stretches using the muscles of the lower body and builds up a little shaking in the legs. Once the body is shaking, you lie on the floor, and encourage these natural vibrations to move through the body, without trying to control them.

How It Works:

RRD is a naturalistic and neurobiological approach to healing trauma and stress-related disorders. It offers a safe framework for long-lasting healing. By allowing the body to naturally release stored stress and reset the nervous system, RRD reduces issues linked to a stressed nervous system, including anxiety, sleep problems, depression, ADHD, and emotional regulation difficulties.

When we are stuck in a permanent state of ‘fight or flight,’ our bodies store this charge, leading to a range of physical and mental health issues. This course aims to support the releasing from stored tension, promoting balance and overall well-being.

The psoas muscle doesn’t necessarily ‘hold’ emotions. Still, it reflexively tightens because of its anatomical relationship to the diaphragm and its neurological ties with the brain’s natural response to keep us safe. These ties also change the breath and prepare the muscle patterns to fight, run or freeze.
In some Buddhist traditions, the psoas is said to be the seat of the soul, storing emotionally charged tension and playing a key role in our fight or flight response. The two psoas muscles run down either side of the spine, across the pelvis and into the top, inner thighbones.

The diaphragm and hence the psoas, react to fear and to stress with constriction. When in “fight or flight” mode breath is short and sharp, and so becomes the psoas muscle

What’s Included?

Our programme is offered in a small group setting, ensuring continuous support for your total health and well-being. Join our 4-week term to receive 3 CPD points upon completion and access ongoing supportive sessions.

Each weekly session incorporates physical exercises and activities to relax the body and release tension naturally. Guided by our trained team, these sessions include breathing exercises, stretching, guided imagery, and meditation to help you release physical and emotional tension, increase your energy and focus, and reduce stress and anxiety.

Gain personalised access to an exclusive account, allowing you to log in and journal your entire course experience with prompted questionnaires to complete and access to learn to support your re-education and explore your total wellbeing. This platform includes comprehensive course evaluations that span your overall well-being – capturing insights before, during, and after the course.


  • Improved physical and mental health
  • Enhanced relaxation and stress relief
  • Improved concentration
  • Enhanced overall well-being
  • Support for processing and releasing negative emotions
  • Therapy for a range of physical and mental health issues
  • Reduction in PTSD symptoms
  • Increased energy and stamina
  • Improved relationships
  • Better sleep and natural rest
  • Relief from muscle aches and pains, including migraines and back pain
  • Improved circulation
  • Calming and balancing the nervous system


Our program goes beyond traditional approaches to healing. We provide a safe, honest, and supportive space for you to face your fears, anxieties, doubts, and insecurities. With compassion and curiosity, we guide you through a holistic journey of healing, helping you break free from trauma loops and build a healthy nervous system. This is the foundation for success in all areas of your life.

Whether you’re new to personal development or have explored various modalities, Release Recover Discover can be the missing piece on your self-healing journey.

This course has been created and formulated by Caroline Purvey Dr (Honora Causa) Natural Medicine, Author, Public Speaker, and Founder of TREUK® and Release Recover Discover CIC. Best-selling author of ‘Feel It to Heal It’, and Tamara is proud fully trained Oxfordshire Partner of TRE UK®.

Learn with me and others in a small group at the centre. The programme includes the same components of the basic course plus extras that I will provide personally at the centre.  Together we Release,  Recover, and Discover.

**Please contact us if you are unable to make these dates, or would rather receive this course delivered on a 1-1 basis, couple, private small group or as a family unit. We support and adapt this course for both adults and children and can tailor it to you. Get in touch.

Mission Oxfordshire:

The mission of RRD CIC is to enable 1 million Teenagers from around the country to learn the process for their stress and trauma, so they do not take their childhood trauma into their adult life.  When 75,000 inspirational adults embrace the basic course we will train 2,000 school facilitators and provide them with a licence so that the schools do not pay. 

29 schools, 29 Schools facilitators  2,175 inspirational adults

For every online course purchased TREUK® donate £75 towards the training and licence to help get Teachers trained up in schools to support the children. <<Click here to explore the online courses>>

Instructor / Therapist Bio

Tamara is the heart and soul of Heal Oxford Wellbeing, bringing a rich tapestry of knowledge and experience to our community. Her extensive studies include Anatomy & Physiology with McTimoney Chiropractic College, ITEC Massage Diploma, advanced musculoskeletal studies with ABC Europe, Somatic Experiencing with TREUK, and Bioenergetics with NES Health.

Adding to her holistic repertoire, Tamara holds qualifications as a Functional Health Nutritionist, MBIR Mindset Inner Repatterning practitioner, a Diploma in Counselling & Life Coaching, plus certifications in Indian Head Massage, Reflexology, Baby Massage, Fitness Instruction (including Zumba for both adults & children), and Shamanic training. She continues to “do the work” daily, and receives Growth Guidance from a well known Spiritual Leader in USA.

Tamara is not just a practitioner; she is a Health Detective who guides you on your journey to personalised health and transformation. Motivated by a profound purpose, she strives to help you understand your symptoms, shed labels, and embrace holistic well-being. While her training spans various natural health disciplines, her specialties lie in helping bring the body’s systems back into balance through somatic experiencing, honest communication, cell rejuvenation, biodynamic nutrition, bodywork and emotional freedom.

Her personal journey, marked by debilitating pain from a serious car accident and subsequent surgeries, fuels her passion for research into autoimmunity, cellular health, epigenetics, biohacking, gut health & testing, nutrition & natural medicine, and emotional wellbeing.

Tamara’s approach goes beyond symptom management; she delves deep into unlocking unprocessed emotions, reprogramming the mind and body, and fostering a healthy environment for your overall well-being. This commitment to transformation is reflected in the innovative tool-kits she not only employs in her own progressive journey but also shares with the Heal Oxford Wellbeing community of both adults and children. Fuelled by boundless passion and inspiration, Tamara is dedicated to self-mastery, integrating it into her daily lifestyle. She meets you where you are and supports your transformative journey from the core, ensuring that healing is a holistic and empowering experience.

Outside of Heal Oxford, Tamara practises conscious parenting to Charlie, born 2012, and loves to cook, read, explore in nature and dance – whenever possible!

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