Crafting Bliss: Make your own Aromatherapy Hand | Face | Body Product


Are you concerned about harmful ingredients in commercial beauty products? Your skin, being the largest organ, deserves the best care both inside and out. Join us for an engaging workshop with Susie, where you will create your own Hand, Face or Body product, tailored to your preferences and skin type, to take home.

In every workshop you will choose from a selection of Organic Carrier oils and Organic Essential Oils to customise the oil to your skin type and personal preference for the particular product being made.

The workshops are run throughout the year seasonally, and range between making one product (shorter 90 minutes) and two products (180 minutes)

DIY Body Scrub Magic Workshop – Discover Natural Beauty (90 mins)

Craft Your own bespoke 250ml Body Scrub: Immerse yourself in a hands-on experience, creating a personalised body scrub with natural exfoliants and skin-loving ingredients.

DIY Face Oil & Dry Clay Face Mask – Nourish your Skin Naturally (180 mins)

Craft your own bespoke 20ml Face Oil using high-grade organic, ethically sourced oils. Additionally, create a dry face mask using various clays and botanical ingredients.

DIY Sunscreen for Natural Summer Skin Protection Workshop – Protect your Skin Naturally (90 mins)

Craft your own bespoke 250ml tub of Organic Sunscreen, creating a nourishing cream based product that protects your skin from the harmful UVA and UVB rays.

Craft your own bespoke Decongestant Vapour Rub & Winter Warming Bath Salts – Support your Body Naturally (180 mins)

Embrace this Winter session, and delve into the world of essential oils and botanicals to create a rejuvenating organic petroleum-free vapour rub and luxurious Winter Warming bath salts.

Take home your creation(s).
Experience beautiful organic carrier oils and essential oils to formulate your unique product(s), exploring different textures and absorbencies.
Learn about the skin benefits of each oil to enhance your natural health for you and your family.
Gain insights into the attributes of different ingredients used.
Understand harmful ingredients to watch out for on commercial product labels.
Acquire skills to continue making skincare products at home.

Elevate your wellbeing with our hands-on workshops, where self-care meets craftsmanship.

Join us in embracing the natural essence of skincare for a healthier, more radiant you.

Reserve your spot now and embark on a journey to healthier, more radiant skin!

**Suitable for both adults and children 11+ who must be in attendance with an adult.

Instructor / Therapist Bio

Susie is a passionate artisan who has dedicated more than a decade to crafting 100% natural and organic aromatherapy skincare products with care and precision.

From her studio nestled on the edge of the Cotswolds, she runs a thriving business where each and every product is handmade with love, and this reflects her commitment to pure ingredients, high standards and most importantly high vibration. She has white labelled her soaps and skincare to five star Spa venues around the world. Susie also hosts engaging Aromatherapy Crafting Workshops , where she imparts her knowledge on creating natural beauty products at home. Her workshops are enriched with the use of the finest quality oils, butters and therapeutic Essential Oils, creating a holistic experience for participants.

Currently expanding her expertise, Susie is on a journey of training with plant spirit and vibrational essences, having just completed the 2023 Chalice Well advanced Flower Essence Practitioner Training, which further enhances her holistic approach to health and wellness using the abundant gifts that nature bestows on us.

With a heart for natural living, Susie’s creations and workshops inspire others to embrace the goodness of nature in their daily lives.

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