6 Week Self-Mastery Group Course for Adults



Sparking Emotional Wellness, Self-Confidence & Mind-Body Balance for Adults.

An empowering 6-week progressive program designed to both support and equip you with self-help toolkits, fostering essential skills for navigating through the challenges of daily life.

6 Weeks Consisting of 12 Workshops:

Regulate through Paint | Train your breath | Creative Woodwork | Nutrition | Sound Healing | Breathwork & Somatics | Create with Aromatherapy | Yoga and Mindfulness | Talk, Draw & Creative Writing | Kinesiology and Movement | Holistic Music Therapy | Express through Dance, Fitness & Movement

Suitable for Adults, Parents & Teachers.

Through a focus on self-mastery, our program seeks to enhance personal growth, self-confidence and well-being. We believe in the transformative power of re-education and self-awareness, fostering a collaborative environment that encourages growth, resilience, and lifelong learning. Explore what brings you joy.

This course can be delivered on-site or here at Heal Oxford Wellbeing.

What is included?

Mastering the Mind Thought Mastery: Understand the power of thoughts and learn techniques to navigate the positive and challenging ones.

Mindset Reset Training: Equip yourself with strategies to reframe thoughts for enhanced well-being.

Building Healthy Joyful Habits and Empowering Boundaries: Uncover activities that ignite joy and positivity in your daily routine. Boundary Empowerment: Develop strong personal boundaries using body awareness and bolstered confidence.

Holistic Self-Care and Well-Being: Engage in workshops promoting physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual well-being.

Core Values: Identify and embrace your core values as the compass for mindful living.

Embracing Your Super Values: Discover your unique values, unlocking the superhero within you.

Daily Integration: Implement your values in daily life, enhancing decision-making and personal empowerment.

Key Benefits:

Stress Resilience Toolkit: Equip yourself with practical tools to manage everyday stressors effectively.

Mindfulness Mastery: Cultivate a mindful mindset for a healthier and happier life.

Confidence Catalyst: Boost focus, confidence, and authentic self-expression.

Authentic Leadership: Develop a leadership approach rooted in your true values. Embark on the Self-Mastery Expedition, where each week unfolds a new dimension of self-discovery and empowerment for a thriving life!

Experience personalised support with not one, but two dedicated facilitators accompanying you every step of the way. Our unique approach involves continuous assistance and progress tracking, setting the stage for a customised “care plan.” This plan serves as a foundation for those looking to extend their self-development journey into personalised 1-1 sessions, further group workshops or a tailored programme with us at Heal Oxford, setting us apart in the market.

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This programme is delivered by our expert Tribe at Heal Oxford

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