Indian head massage 3 hour workshop

3 Hour Indian Head Massage Basic Training Workshop


This three hour training workshop at Heal Oxford Wellbeing will enable you to learn the basics, giving you a step by step guide to be able to massage friends and family.

(It is not certified, but you will gain confidence in this traditional therapy from India).

Indian Head Massage was brought to the UK over thirty years ago by Narendra Mehta (who was visually impaired) who taught it in many places in the UK, and it became very popular. It was originally practiced by women in India in order to take care of their hair. Grandmothers passed it down daughters and which continued to be passed down the generational line.

What is included in this workshop?

Learning the massage pressure points and techniques for the head, the face, neck, shoulders and arms.

You will be learning and practising in pairs. The technique is delivered either on a chair or practiced on the floor.

Nothing else is needed, just yourself!


Relaxes and reduces stress, reduces blood pressure and helps with tension, thus creating a sense of calm.

Instructor / Therapist Bio

Rosalia first qualified as a massage therapist in 1999, then moved into sports and remedial massage in 2002. She has been very privileged to be given the chance to work with clients who have severe learning disabilities, in particular, those with cerebral palsy and autism. This work has led her to work in this field. She went on to study reflexology in 2009, and nutrition in 2012. Her approach is to be kind to yourself and listen to your body, and she is now enjoying teaching others self-help toolkits.

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