6 Week Self-Mastery Group Course (Kids & Teens 7-16 Year Olds)


Activate Emotional SuperPowers, Self-Confidence & Body-Mind Fun

An empowering 6-week progressive program designed to both support and equip you with self-help toolkits, fostering essential skills for navigating through the challenges of daily life.

6 Weeks Consisting of 12 Workshops:

Regulate through Paint | Train your breath | Creative Woodwork | Nutrition | Sound Healing | Breathwork & Somatics | Create with Aromatherapy | Yoga & Mindfulness | Talk, Draw & Creative Writing | Kinesiology and Movement | Holistic Music Therapy | Express through Dance, Fitness & Movement

Suitable for ages 7-16 years.

Through a focus on self-mastery, our program seeks to enhance personal growth, self-confidence and well-being. We believe in the transformative power of re-education and self-awareness, fostering a collaborative environment that encourages growth, resilience, and lifelong learning. 

**This course can be delivered both onsite in-school and at Heal Oxford Wellbeing.

What is included?

Mind Magic

  • Thought Explorers: Dive into the world of thoughts, spotting the cool and not-so-cool patterns.
  • Flip the Script: Learn magic tricks to turn tricky thoughts into positive vibes.

Habit Wizards and Boundary Knights

  • Joy Quest: Join the adventure to find different activities that make your heart sing.
  • Boundary Boost: Learn how to set superhero boundaries with body awareness and mega confidence.

Self-Care Safari

  • Well-Being Bonanza: Jump into workshops that boost your body, mind, heart, and spirit.
  • Values Treasure Hunt: Discover your secret superhero values and use them to make everyday choices.

Living the Super Values Way

  • Values Unleashed: Find out your unique superpower values and how they guide your journey.
  • Daily Hero Moves: Learn to be your own superhero by using your values in daily missions.

Super Benefits:

  • Stress Busting Tricks: Get super tools to handle everyday challenges with ease.
  • Mindset Magic: Develop a superhero mindset for a happy and healthy mind.
  • Confidence Sparks: Boost focus, confidence, and feel amazing about being your awesome self.
  • Real You Power: Embrace your true self and be the superhero of your own story.

Embark on a quest for SelfMastery Superpowers, where fun meets learning and exploring you – where you become the hero of your own amazing adventure!

Experience personalised support where we accompany you every step of the way. Our unique approach involves continuous progress tracking, course serves as a foundation, to learn some cool self-help toolkits to help you navigate daily life, and also a stepping stone for those looking to extend their self-development journey beyond this course.

Our commitment extends beyond the individual, encompassing both parents, mentors and teachers where applicable to provide a comprehensive model of support. 

Instructor / Therapist Bio

This programme is delivered by our expert Tribe at Heal Oxford

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