Regular Releaser Group Session – Release Recover Discover (TREUK)

**(Available only if completed the 4 week RRD course) either in this small group setting or 1-1 with Tamara. Unlock Your Healing Potential with Release Recover Discover (Oxfordshire Partner of TREUK®) Are you ready to continue your journey of profound healing and self-discovery? Thoughtfully Activate the Psoas to Release tension from your Core accumulated from past stress, […]

Women’s Circle – Yoga | Breath | Sound | Meditation | Cards | Sharing

A women’s circle is a gathering of women from all ages, ethnicities, and backgrounds, welcomed with open arms to come together in a safe space to heal, rest, share, and support one another. It’s a powerful ancient ritual that reconnects us to the ways of our ancestors, where women would gather, bleed, and heal together […]

60 Minute Hatha Yoga Class

Join Chloe’s traditional Hatha Yoga class, where each week we focus on a different intention to deepen our connection with ourselves. This class emphasises conscious breathing, mindfulness, stretching, and mastering basic Yoga postures. It’s a steady class suitable for ages 12+ and all levels, offering a holistic approach to physical and mental well-being. What is […]

60 Minute Pilates Class

Welcome to Chloe’s mat-based Pilates classes, where all levels are welcome! This class is designed to help you improve strength, stability, posture, proper breath control, and flexibility, all while having fun on the mat. What is Pilates? Pilates is a form of exercise that focuses on strengthening the body’s core muscles, improving flexibility, and promoting […]

1-1 60 Minute Transformational Breathwork Session

Are you ready to create transformation and long lasting change in your life? Conscious breathing is an umbrella term for methods that direct awareness to the breath. These methods have the goal of improving breathing, or the primary goal can be to build mindfulness. Human respiration is controlled consciously or unconsciously. The connected pattern of […]

60 Minute Sound Meditation for Kids & Teens (10-16 year olds)

Join Emily for an empowering workshop designed specifically for youth aged 10-16 years old, focusing on stress, anxiety reduction, relaxation techniques, and building self-confidence. What to Expect: The workshop will begin by finding a comfortable space to settle into, either seated or lying down, as Emily leads a brief meditation to help centre your mind […]

60 Minute Tailored Private Sound Healing

Indulge in the ultimate luxury with our private sound healing sessions, tailored exclusively for your personal retreat. We can also accommodate a connecting experience for couples, a sharing opportunity for friends and family, or a rejuvenating corporate session – just let us know! Your journey begins with a personalised consultation with Emily, where your desires […]

1-1 60 Minute Tailored Pilates | Barre | Stretch

Transform your body. Elevate your mind. Indulge in a personalised one-on-one session that seamlessly blends Pilates, Barre, and Stretch elements based on your unique needs and requirements. This hour-long session caters to individuals seeking a comprehensive approach to mobility, strength, and flexibility. What does the session include: The session caters to all levels, incorporating bodyweight […]

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