Triple Bliss Fusion: 75 minute Indian Head + Facial & Foot Reflexology

Step into a realm of blissful relaxation with our Triple Bliss Fusion treatment, a luxurious 75-minute session designed to rejuvenate your mind, body, and spirit. We begin by indulging your senses with Facial Reflexology, a gentle yet powerful technique that targets specific points on the face to rebalance and boost your immune system. As the […]

60 Minute Pilates | Barre | Stretch Class

Transform your body. Elevate your mind. Join this class that seamlessly blends Pilates, Barre. This hour-long session caters to individuals seeking a comprehensive approach to mobility, strength, and flexibility. What does the session include: The session caters to all levels, incorporating bodyweight exercises and various equipment. Each exercise is performed with attention to correct breathing […]

4 Week Private Tailored Group Transformational Breathwork / RRD (TREUK) Courses

Sometimes we just want to heal in our own space. We offer tailored somatic experience courses, that are made just for you. For 1-1, Couples, Friends, Families & Corporates. Transformational Breathwork 4 Week Course Learn and benefit from the connected pattern of conscious breathing is a natural, safe and easy–to-learn technique, at a time and […]

Womens Circle – Yoga | Breath | Sound | Meditation | Cards | Sharing

A women’s circle is a gathering of women from all ages, ethnicities, and backgrounds, welcomed with open arms to come together in a safe space to heal, rest, share, and support one another. It’s a powerful ancient ritual that reconnects us to the ways of our ancestors, where women would gather, bleed, and heal together […]

60 Minute Sound Meditation for Kids & Teens (9-14 year olds)

Join Emily for an empowering workshop designed specifically for youth aged 9-14 years old, focusing on stress, anxiety reduction, relaxation techniques, and building self-confidence. What to Expect: The workshop will begin by finding a comfortable space to settle into, either seated or lying down, as Emily leads a brief meditation to help centre your mind […]

Crafting Bliss: Make your own Aromatherapy Hand | Face | Body Product

Are you concerned about harmful ingredients in commercial beauty products? Your skin, being the largest organ, deserves the best care both inside and out. Join us for an engaging workshop with Susie, where you will create your own Hand, Face or Body product, tailored to your preferences and skin type, to take home. In every […]

Breathe – Unwind – Flow, one breath at a time.

Discover Inner Power | Ride your Breath | Explore Somatics Your breath holds immense power, and in this transformative workshop, we’ll explore its potential one breath at a time. Discover various breathwork techniques that you can seamlessly integrate into your daily life. By the end of this workshop, you will have first hand experience with […]

Discover the Power of Family Constellations – 1 Day Workshop

Uncover hidden family dynamics and embark on a transformative journey of healing and understanding with our one-day Family Constellations workshop. Family Constellations is an insightful tool designed to reveal the influences of past generations on your present challenges, offering a pathway to positive change. What It Includes: Benefits: Two tiers available: Standard Participant and Focused […]

Taster Wellness Day for Kids & Teens (6-13 Year Olds)

12 TICKETS AVAILABLE Join our community of wellness and self-discovery and experience an empowering taster day. Designed to both support and equip you with some self-help toolkits, boost confidence and help you navigate through the challenges of daily life, whilst all made fun. Suitable for ages 6-13 years. **If you child is of a different […]

3 Hour Indian Head Massage Basic Training Workshop

Indian head massage 3 hour workshop

This three hour training workshop at Heal Oxford Wellbeing will enable you to learn the basics, giving you a step by step guide to be able to massage friends and family. (It is not certified, but you will gain confidence in this traditional therapy from India). Indian Head Massage was brought to the UK over […]

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